The Consulting Branch of the UNLV Collegiate American Marketing Association

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Rebel Marketing Research is a non-profit, student-run market research firm ran in conjunction with the UNLV Collegiate American Marketing Association. Rebel Marketing Research works by forming mutual relationships with local businesses. The students learn "on-the-job" experience with real accounts every semester. The business accounts benefit by having their research questions answered at a much lower cost than professional firms would offer. Being a non-profit organization, Rebel Marketing Research proceeds support the activities of the UNLV AMA.

Rebel Marketing Research is dedicated to being the ultimate source of knowledge and training for understanding, meeting, and exceeding customer expectations through the application of marketing principle


Rebel Marketing Research is a not-for-profit consulting branch of the UNLV Collegiate American Marketing Association that delivers innovative and actionable recommendations to tackle marketing & business problems faced by its clients. Rebel Marketing Research is comprised of the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ top undergraduates. Rebel Marketing Research focuses on serving for profit clients ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 1000 companies.

Our philosophy is that we want to demonstrate to you that a student-run organization can deliver superior professional results at a lower price. Thus, on average, we charge ten to twenty times less than other companies offering comparable services. Fees will be based on the scope of the project as well as the type of client. As a student-run organization, we direct 100% of our project fees to the operations of the UNLV Collegiate American Marketing Association, allowing us to provide our members with high quality professional development activities. 


Project TEAMs

Rebel Marketing Research works with its clients on a 10 to 12 week long project. Our student consultants, all of whom have a passion for marketing, are selected through a competitive application and interview process. They are then matched with projects on the basis of their skills and interests. Teams usually consist of one project leader and 3-5 consultants, along with a faculty advisor. Project leaders serve as the primary contact point for client representatives over the course of the engagement.



  • Industry Overview

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Customer Analysis

    • Market Size Estimation

    • Segmentation Analysis

  • Benchmarking Studies

  • Macro-Environmental Analysis

  • Forecasting



  • Customer Segmentation

  • Trend and Growth Analysis

  • Primary Research

    • Survey Design

    • Data Collection and Analysis

    • Focus Groups

    • Database Analysis and Modeling

    • Personal Interviews

    • Observational Research

    • Secret Shopper Research



  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Brand Positioning



  • New Product Research

  • Pricing Analysis and research



  • Upon request


Interested in working with us? Please contact us at for information on working with Rebel Marketing Research. Please send your updated resume as well. We look forward to hearing from you!