UNLV AMA Winter Break Projects

Hello AMAers, 

While winter break is in full effect and everybody is enjoying some time off from classes, we at UNLV AMA are still working hard! We have a handful of projects we are currently working on over the break and would love to have a few more members involved. Here are a few things we are currently working on:

AMA Regional Conference

The UNLV AMA is proud to be hosting the 2018 regional conference in Las Vegas. Schools from around the country are invited to join in on marketing competitions, networking seminars, etc. We currently need help setting up events and scheduling / allocating rooms for said events. For more information please contact us through the email below. 

LBS Career Services

We have been contacted by the LBS Career Services to help develop a marketing plan for them. For more information please contact us through the email below. 

Variety of Southern Nevada's Oscar's Viewing Party

The Variety of Southern Nevada is a non-profit organization that hosts the official Oscar's Viewing Party in Las Vegas. They have tasked us with "millennializing" the party and attracting a younger demographic (18-24). We're also tasked with finding local Las Vegas celebrities to attract millennials, as well as be a part of the PR event. For more information please contact us through the email below. 


We look forward to hearing from you all, and have a great holiday weekend!



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Rebel Marketing Research is a non-profit, student-run market research firm ran in conjunction with the UNLV Collegiate American Marketing Association. Rebel Marketing Research works by forming mutual relationships with local businesses. The students learn "on-the-job" experience with real accounts every semester. The business accounts benefit by having their research questions answered at a much lower cost than professional firms would offer. Being a non-profit organization, Rebel Marketing Research proceeds support the activities of the UNLV AMA.

Our philosophy is that we want to demonstrate to you that a student-run organization can deliver superior professional results at a lower price. Thus, on average, we charge ten to twenty times less than other companies offering comparable services. Fees will be based on the scope of the project as well as the type of client. As a student-run organization, we direct 100% of our project fees to the operations of the UNLV Collegiate American Marketing Association, allowing us to provide our members with high-quality professional development activities. So using Rebel Marketing Research