Last General Meeting of the Semester!

Hello AMAers, 

Join us at our next and FINAL meeting of the semester! The first half will be for case team members. The second half will be for all current members and anyone who is interested in joining. 

We will be having a guest speaker during the general meeting. Jacob Gallegos, from Mobilesoft Technology Inc., will be speaking about the experience of working as a marketing director for a tech based company.

Jacob Gallegos has a background in Creative Directing, Marketing, Design, and Videography. Jacob helps brands achieve their goals by providing results-driven films, copywriting, design, and marketing solutions to move people’s emotions, compel sales, and retain customers. 

Jacob G headshot.jpg

When: Tuesday, November 21st

            Case Team Meeting: 5:30pm-6:30pm

            General Meeting : 6:30pm-7:30pm

Where: Student Union Room 205

An Interview With Simri Bautista - VP of Programs


Simri Bautista is the VP of Programs at UNLV AMA. This past summer, he had the wonderful opportunity to attend Marketing EDGE's 2017 Collegiate Summit in New York City. We at the UNLV AMA had the chance to ask him a few questions about his experience.

Hi Simri! I understand you had the opportunity to travel to New York City last summer for the Marketing EDGE summit. Can you tell me a little bit more about marketing EDGE and the summit you attended?

I indeed was lucky to attend Marketing EDGE’s 2017 Collegiate Summit in New York City. Marketing EDGE is a unique non-profit that's goal is to educate students perusing a career in marketing by providing them information regarding trends and career direction, directly from professionals in the industry. They also develop student’s skill through online courses and workshops. I would like to point out that Marketing EDGE helps students all over the country. Lastly, Marketing EDGE grows students and connects them to companies, firms, and organization with the purpose of helping them be prepared to thrive in their jobs.

The Collegiate Summit is a three-day summit full of guest speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities. The summit brings students from all over the country together with industry leaders and professionals.


And how was the experience? What did you learn?

The experience can be described in one phrase, a “one in a lifetime opportunity”. Not only did I get to experience New York City for the first time, but also got to attend the EDGE awards and meet people that inspired me. I remember the first day of the summit, we did a cruise on the Hudson River, where we saw the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge as the sun was setting, which is one of the most memorable memories of the trip.

I learned so much at the summit. First, I got to learn about exciting new approaches in the marketing industry, such as the future of artificial intelligence and marketing, the rise of content marketing, current polemic surrounding internet marketing and the key of marketing analytics. I also got to develop my skills when it comes to networking etiquette, perfecting the art of a resume and tips on how to grow as a member of the industry. Personally, for me, the biggest take away from the summit was learning that a career path is ever changing and full of opportunities and surprises. Before the summit, I felt lost, with no clear direction on which area of marketing I wanted to go into or how to get there. The experience at the summit gave me direction and reassured me that even though I might not have all the answers I’m on the right path.


Thank you for your time Simri! Lastly, what would you say to anyone thinking about attending the Marketing EDGE summit in the future?

I would tell them that attending the summit would be one of the best decisions in their career, as it had such an impactful influence in me and I’m certain it will have one on them as well.

3rd Annual Leadership & Team Building Retreat

The Career & Professional Development Office is holding the 3rd Annual Leadership & Team Building Retreat for Student Organizations. This is for students currently involved in a student club and for students that are interested in becoming involved! This event is about connecting with your classmates, creating stronger ties within and between student organizations - and having a really fun day! Information about the event can be found below.

Day/ Time/ Location:

Saturday 14 October from 8:30am - 4pm - Opportunity Village

Dress casual – wear your comfortable clothes, as this will be an active workshop!

What are the topics at the retreat?

The retreat will be focused on leadership, inclusion, and teambuilding.  

What will we be doing at the retreat?

The day will be active!  Come ready to participate, meet people, and hear from excellent keynote speakers.  Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided.

Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Shooting

© David Becker / Getty Images / AFP

© David Becker / Getty Images / AFP

Most of us are aware of the tragic events that transpired last night.  This shooting was tragic, brutal, and can only be described a despicable act of violence perpetrated against a group of defenseless individuals. For the individuals and their families that were affected by this horrific act, we extend our deepest condolences. While nothing we say or do will ever fix the situation, we will do everything in our power as a student organization to put whatever pieces we can of this community back together. 


“Love each other dearly always. There is scarcely anything else in the world but that: to love one another.” - Victor Hugo



AMA logo 1.jpg

Rebel Marketing Research is a non-profit, student-run market research firm ran in conjunction with the UNLV Collegiate American Marketing Association. Rebel Marketing Research works by forming mutual relationships with local businesses. The students learn "on-the-job" experience with real accounts every semester. The business accounts benefit by having their research questions answered at a much lower cost than professional firms would offer. Being a non-profit organization, Rebel Marketing Research proceeds support the activities of the UNLV AMA.

Our philosophy is that we want to demonstrate to you that a student-run organization can deliver superior professional results at a lower price. Thus, on average, we charge ten to twenty times less than other companies offering comparable services. Fees will be based on the scope of the project as well as the type of client. As a student-run organization, we direct 100% of our project fees to the operations of the UNLV Collegiate American Marketing Association, allowing us to provide our members with high-quality professional development activities. So using Rebel Marketing Research

Guest Speaker: Kitty Lusby - Content Creator, SEO Specialist


The UNLV AMA is excited to annouce our next guest speaker, Kitty Lusby. Kitty discovered her talent and passion in middle school, when she began an illicit business selling “romantic” short stories to her preteen classmates. Eventually, the school board expressed its extreme disapproval, so she moved on to more academic writing pursuits; she did older students’ essay assignments for money.

As an adult, Kitty has found that content marketing and copywriting are perfect for legitimately exercising those writing skills. In early 2014, she moved to the Las Vegas area on a whim after enjoying a taco during a cross-country road trip, and fell passionately in love with the city, its downtown culture, and its abundance of 24 hour taco restaurants.

Topic: Content Marketing

Date: Tuesday, October 3rd

Time: 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Location: UNLV Student Union Room 205


LBS Sustainability Speaker Series

The Lee Business School strives to offer advanced sustainability concepts into its graduate and undergraduate programs, giving students the tools needed to meet the current and future social and environmental responsibilities demanded by both employees and customers. The first speaker event will be this Wednesday, September 20th. This event is part of the LBS Sustainability Speaker Series. For those of you that are part of the Medallion Program, this is also a medallion event. Remember to bring your RebelCard to swipe-in at the event. More information regarding the time and location of the event can be found below. This is not an AMA event but is a great speaker event to attend for all LBS students. 

Christine Bader
Director of Social Responsibility, Amazon

“The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist"

Date: Wednesday, September 20th

Time: 2:30 - 3:45 PM

Location: Philip J. Cohen Theater, Student Union

2017 AMA Annual Conference

Hello all! Today has been a wonderful experience for all of us here at UNLV AMA. The American Marketing Association was kind enough to allow our members to attend this year's annual AMA conference, hosted right here in Las Vegas! It was a great way to come in contact with professionals and obtain valuable insights in to the field of marketing. Thank you to AMA and all of the amazing keynote speakers who shared their experiences and insights about marketing today and where it's headed.


Meeting Today!

Today marks our first official meeting of the semester/year. The meeting will be held in the Student Union, in room 205 from 5:30-7:30pm. All students and majors are welcome to join. During this meeting we will be accepting new member applications. The first half of the meeting will be for current board members and those who are interested in becoming a board member. The second half, starting at 6:30pm, will be a general meeting for new and current members. If you cannot make the meeting, please email us and we will let you know what we covered. We look forward to seeing everyone!