AMA Collegiate case competition

The AMA Collegiate Case Competition, began in 1986, is a yearlong event that brings together top marketing students to work on a marketing challenge submitted by a sponsoring organization. The Case sponsor provides a detailed marketing problem for which it is looking to gain the perspective of AMA’s best students, who will compete by developing a marketing strategy in a nationally recognized competition. The Case Competition is open to undergraduate student teams at schools that have an affiliated AMA Collegiate Chapter.  This year the sponsoring organization is Mary Kay, an iconic beauty brand built by a woman for women. The core mission of the company is to enrich the lives of women through outstanding products, an unequaled business opportunity and charitable efforts that impact women’s issues.

Read the Entire Mary Kay Case Brief Here (PDF) →


UNLV Department of Police Services

With the tragic events that occurred on the Las Vegas Strip, the UNLV AMA has made it their goal to help keep our students and faculty safe and out of harms way. That is why we will provide the UNLV Department of Police Services with a marketing plan to increase the number of faculty, staff, and students that have the Rebel Safe App on their mobile phone or tablet. The UNLV AMA will focus on identifying and implementing the best approach to accomplish this goal.